Board of Directors

Dorothy Logan

Vice-Chair/ Vice President

Dot is a retired North Haven Public Schools special education teacher. During her career, she taught at the middle school emphasizing the development of life skills.  Dot continues to support special education students through the Step Forward Program at Gateway Community College, where her job as a Work Site Coordinator focuses on transition skills.  A graduate of Southern Connecticut State University and the University of New Haven, Dot serves on the North Haven Board of Education, CEA Human and Civil Rights Commission and the Executive Board of ARC-Greater New Haven.


Chelsea Ruzzo


Chelsea is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island, where she received dual degrees in English and Psychology, and Quinnipiac University School of Law. She has been involved with individuals with developmental disabilities (I/DD) since she began volunteering in special education classrooms through middle school, high school and college. Chelsea has advocated for individuals with developmental disabilities in various roles during her legal career and continues to do so as a member of the Board of Directors of the ARC of Greater New Haven.

Joseph Piscitelli

Board Chair/President


Joseph Piscitelli has been in the transportation industry for 23 years. He is a graduate of Hamden Adult Education.  Joseph has a sister who has been a participant with ARCGNH for many years. He continues to advocate for individuals with I/DD through his work on the Executive Board of the ARC of Greater New Haven

Susan Loos


Susan is a Wallingford resident and the parent of a 24 year old son with I/DD who attends ARC of GNH. She has been her son’s strongest advocate, dedicated to maximizing his full potential in the educational system from early intervention services, to his many years at ACES Village/ACES WHSE. Her son’s transition to his day program was seamless, and he enjoys peer and social community interactions, thanks to the dedicated staff support at ARC.

Susan is a graphic designer and a professional caregiver, working with infants 6 weeks to 12 months fostering growth and child development. She works closely with families providing support and is dedicated to every child receiving educational fulfillment, both in and out of the I/DD community. She is a current member of the Board of Directors of the ARC of GNH as a parent representative.


Judy Cody

Coming Soon.....

Patricia Martucci

Pat is a retired educator and has been strong advocate for individuals with developmental disabilities (I/DD) since high school. As a special education teacher in the New Haven Public School System, Pat helped students with I/DD develop the tools to lead fulfilling lives and achieve their dreams and goals. Pat continues to champion equal opportunities and basic rights of dignity and respect for individuals with I/DD through her role as Previous Executive Board President and as a coach for Special Olympics.

Laura Evangelist

Laura is a graduate of Quinnipiac University where she received a degree in Occupational Therapy and Cortland College and Johns Hopkins University where she earned degrees in Elementary and Special Education respectively.  Laura has worked with and advocated for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities when she began her career as a teacher and later as an Occupational Therapist working in both Public and Private Schools.  She currently works for Area Cooperative Education Services (ACES) where she serves a dual role as Director of Extension Therapy Services, a service division of ACES that provides both Occupational and Physical Therapy to schools via contact, as well as an OT service provider. 

Jean Guiliano

Jean is a semi-retired Region 16 (Prospect/Beacon Falls) special education teacher. She retired full time from Region 16 on 2011.  Following her retirement, Jean became seriously ill in need of a lung transplant.  Having a successful transplant on 6/2/12, Jean felt more than ever the “calling” to continue to work with students with special needs. Advocacy was the name of the game. She returned to Region 16 in 2014 on a per diem basis working with homebound students. What was Jean’s inspiration to get better?   It was her twin sister with I/DD who attends ARC of GNH.  To Joan, ARC is her heaven.  It’s everything to her. And to Jean, Joan was the “wind beneath her wings” to continue to advocate.  Jean is a graduate of Southern CT State University.  She is a current member of the Board of Directors of the ARC of GNH as a guardian/conservator representative 

Traci Planinshek

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Maria Cusano

Maria Cusano has held several positions in the financial services industry for over 25 years.  Her current responsibilities include compliance and risk management.  She is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University and is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager.  Maria has and currently serves on other non-profit Boards in our community for over 5 years.  Maria enjoys contributing her time and talents as a board member, her belief that everyone deserves to experience respect and to lead a healthy life has brought her to ARC of Greater New Haven.  She is an advocate and supporter of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.



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